The world is your gallery - Decorate it.

Bored of your picture perfect picket fence neighbourhood? Got the shits at looking at nothing but advertising? Do something about it! Get creative and shake your boring neighbours from their mental slumber. You don't even have to be good at painting - just cut off your ear and deliver it to your friendly neighbourhood prostitute (it's far more provocative than a vase full of sunflowers). 

Check out our latest campaigns below or visit one of these sites to get some inspiration.

Wooster Collective, Undenk, Urban Prankster, Stickerwar, Stencil Revolution, Banksy

Army Dudes

Hundreds of these little buggers have been scattered about the suburbs, each carrying a poem as a backpack. If the medium is the message, this really is the perfect way to spread our word. We have even distributed one of our army dude poems to a minor celebrity (Shelly from the Great Outdoors promised she'd send in her own poem. We're still waiting.)  

Terrorist Gnomes

Seems society these days is paranoid about them terrorists so we thought we might just raise the level of fear. Innocent garden gnomes were recruited to the GPO and transformed into terrorists via a lick of paint in shades of balaclava black and Guantonamo Bay orange. Our terrorist operatives were then strategically placed around the neighbourhood. Notices were also posted advising people to "be alert not alarmed" and keep an eye out for bearded males of short stature infiltrating suburban backyards. Messages inside the gnomes encouraged gnomenappers to relocate the gnomes and send us the pictures. Many thanks to all those who've done so. See pics.

GPO Weight Loss

Promising people they will lose weight fast seems to be a sure fire way of making money. That's why our proven amputation weight loss method was sure to be successful. Despite our very alluring posters (and the promise of getting awesome car spaces post surgery) no one went through with the procedure. Each month hundreds of sickos do however land on this page after searching for pictures of hot amputees. Read some of the poetry sickos. If you are that disturbed you may like it.

Monkey Butlers

Everyone needs a monkey butler. Choose yours here.

Airing Dirty Linen

In this little project we strung up clotheslines around a few public places. On them were hung pieces of laundry decorated with a few choice poems. We'll put up some pictures when we get around to doing it on a larger scale.