Post Your Message Now.

It's a pretty damn simple plan but they tend to work the best. Here's how it goes - you write something down and stick it up somewhere where lots of people will see it.


  • For extra exposure email us your poem. The best ones will be posted online and sent to our team of international operatives for worldwide distribution.
  • Always remember to include the GPO's website address on your poem. In this way our organisation will flourish like mould on the shower curtain of a dodgy Bangkok hotel.
  • Toilet doors are an excellent location for longer poems. In this private sanctuary people have the time to explore your poetry on a far more meaningful level.
  • If you work in an office steal some adhesive labels. Print your poems on these and forget about the hassles of sticky tape forever!
  • The photocopier is a powerful weapon. Always make lots of copies and post them far and wide.

Alternate Methods

Spray paint - big, long lasting and comes with the side benefit of pissing off old people.

Message in a bottle - surely the most romantic way to send poetry to a random stranger.

Balloon/parachute - This one is a bit complicated but totally ace. Get a little plastic army man, attach a parachute and a poem. Stuff it inside a balloon and fill the balloon with helium. Release the balloon. The balloon will then fly into the atmosphere and eventually burst, thus releasing the little army man who will gracefully fall from the sky and in to the hands of some unsuspecting member of the public who will wonder where the hell it came from! Tips - Plastic ponchos make excellent parachute material. Oversize balloons will enable easy insertion of army men and enough gas for lift off.