What's the matter precious? Did one of our poems offend you? Did we put a sticker on something shiny you own? Awww... poor you. Go on tell us all about it. Send us an email. Maybe then you can get back to reporting kebab shop owners to the terrorism hotline.

Previous Whinges

"This time you have taken things too far. Advertising body combat classes for pregnant women is just not funny. The bit about losing that unsightly buldge was an afront to womanhood and the suggestion that it was cheaper than abortion was extremely insensitive."

"I don't know who you think you are but your poem about eating cats was less than amusing. I can't believe anyone would post such depraved crap in public. You are clearly sick." - Cat lover gets fired up.

"Whadisthisshit? This is like graffiti. It's plastered all over the venue. Youse are outta here." - A bouncer at a CBD wanker barfails to appreciate our poetry.

"If I were you I'd give up poetry." - Constructive feedback written on the bottom of a poem in the Union Bar, North Sydney.